You Won’t Believe These Shocking Car Collections (#4 is too much!)

These are the best private car collections on the planet!

Being a billionaire is no easy task. Always being in the spotlight, always having to eat at the nicest restaurants in town, driving the most luxurious cars possible, and having a large enough garage to house those car collections. Somebody has to do it, right?

All over the world, there are billionaires housing the most impressive and diverse collections of cars you can imagine. For them, price is just a number. Maybe they have a love of Lamborghinis, or perhaps they tend to fancy Ferraris. Maybe they love the way an Aston Martin glimmers in their driveway, or the way their Bentley booms down the streets. These billionaires know how to travel in style and have endless options to pick from. That is why we have found the best car collections that any car lover would be happy to drool over and conveniently compiled them for your enjoyment.

Fine car collections.


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