10 Worst Supercar Fails of All Time (#9 is More than You Can Handle)

When you think of a supercar, certain obvious thoughts come to mind: Speed, luxury, class, a timeless design and, ultimately, the thought that when you have one, you’re part of an elite level of individuals who appreciate the finer things life has to offer. Owning an exotic car means you’re a part of history.

It’s hard to pinpoint which cars are truly the best in this segment and that’s part of the reason why it’s so amazing to spend time pouring over these works of art. But, there have been exceptional failures when it comes to these pricey, speedy and eye-catching vehicles.

Even the bad boys at Mercedes had their share of fiasco. Just goes to show you, nobody is perfect. For example, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was done for.

Why did it ultimately get discontinued? This supercar surpassed its weight target by a mile, making it too large to enjoy a road trip on twisty country roads. Moreover, the designer was not content with the addition of the F1-inspired nose to the superficial body of this car. Any supercar enthusiast can conclude that the outcome of such a collaboration means that Mercedes-Benz and McLaren may never team up for another vehicle. If this was the best they could do together, that’s really okay

We scoured the history books and polled some of our friends, experts and noted auto reviewers to bring you the biggest fails of the supercar world. Enjoy!

10 Ultimate Super Car Fails of All Time:

Panther 6


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