Tesla Vs..

Tesla Model S vs. competition in drag races

Last year in October the guys from Tesla Motors have unveiled the most powerful iteration of the Model S. Its name is Model S P85D and features a lot of new updates. The most important thing is that the new US model is featuring an all-wheel drive arrangement thanks to a dual electric motor configuration.

For short we have a 221 horsepower front engine with a 470 horsepower rear unit that can offer a total of 691 horsepower and an astonishing 930 Nm peak of torque. Thanks to this new hardware arrangement, the Tesla Model S P85D can run from stand still to 96 km/h in 3.2 seconds, one second quicker than the previous P85.

The quarter mile is now achieved in 11.8 seconds and the top speed is clocked at 250 km/h with 40 km/h more than the previous flagship version.

Because we are talking about an electric car you should know that it can do 443 kilometers before running out of juice. To prove you that this is the perfect car for circuit and for a drag race we will also tell you that the weight distribution is 50:50. For short, in our opinion this will be the ultimate sprint car. But let’s see how it can manage with some real, combustion engine, competition.

In the first video you will see how the Tesla Model S is having some fun with a Lamborghini Aventador..