NFL Best Picks: “15 Hottest Cars of Football’s All Stars

At a glance, being an NFL player doesn’t seem to be any more impressive than being a professional athlete in any other mainstream sport. They get the fame, the money, the respect and all the girls that most other elite pros get as a result of being a celebrated athlete.

But NFL players are much more than your average jocks. How can you tell? They have it all and they live larger than their peers in other sports. If you’re in the NFL, you’re in a class above the rest.

What comes with membership to such an elite club? Everything we listed above as well as some of the coolest exotic cars money can buy. When it comes to their rides, pro football players are true fanatics—they buy the best and they buy as many as they can fit on their estates.

This isn’t a new phenomenon either. From the infancy of the league, hot cars have been a hallmark of what to expect from these players when they aren’t on the gridiron. Today the game is bigger, the athletes are richer and their lifestyles are way more flamboyant. Their routine is the average guy’s epic – don’t expect any Toyota Corollas in the player’s lot. We sifted through their best wheels to show them off for you. Here are 15 of the best rides that the NFL’s elite call daily drivers.

Let’s explore the 15 most exotic cars in the NFL (and who owns the $300,000 Rolls Royce?!):



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