Most Infamous Celebrity Car Crash Survivors

Today we take a look at some of the most harrowing and infamous car accidents ever survived. While the events depicted are of course terrifying for the drivers and everyone involved, many of these survivors have reported major positive change in their lives following a near brush with death. Whether it’s as simple as a new appreciation for how fragile life is, the decision to drive a little slower, or just a happy realization of how lucky we get sometimes, these stories have a happy ending. From supermodels to actors and lucky Aussies, this list has a few very lucky souls.

We begin our list with some names you’ll recognize from Hollywood who were lucky enough to walk away or at the very least recover from their injuries from some very precarious situations. You won’t believe one of guy’s who made our list who despite a terrible accident and medical complications who just may have had the biggest bounce back of luck in the history of odds. Stay tuned for that remarkable story

Most Infamous Celebrity Car Crash Survivors:

paris bentley

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