4 - back in the driveway

How Not to Drive a Ferrari: Douche Abuses LaFerrari

It’s no secret that Ferrari drivers have a less than stellar reputation, but this guy is literally the worst one ever. As if a bright yellow LaFerrari doesn’t draw enough attention on its own, the driver of this car takes this beautiful automobile for a spin around a suburban Beverly Hills neighborhood looking like a drunk 11 year old behind the wheel. You really just have to see this to believe the level of stupidity and disregard for laws, safety and respect for the LaFerrari. It’s enough to make any car lover cringe.

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Bonehead of the Year Horribly Abuses LaFerrari

The LaFerrari is a $1.3 million dollar hypercar created to replace the Enzo that most people would be grateful just to spend a moment sitting inside of and this jerk treats it like a rented Kia Rio. Another driver in a Porsche GT3 follows shortly behind and doesn’t appear to have too many more brain cells behind the wheel either. As if it wasn’t enough to watch the heartbreaking abuse of such an incredible automobile, it’s clear that this is a crowded residential neighborhood and lives were definitely put at risk.

Ignoring countless laws, risking the lives of bystanders and abusing one of the world’s premier automobiles makes this guy a clear winner for the bonehead of the year award. Let’s break this down, and be sure to view the video at end for the full experience.

1 – Bottoming out

Things are off to a great start as the driver pulls out of the driveway with the first of a couple occasions he bottoms out throughout the video. It’s not entirely clear from the low quality cell phone video taken, but he also appears to clip another car at one point. Suffice it to say there are several highly unhealthy sounds heard throughout the series of abusive maneuvers seen in the video.

1 - bottoming out

Don’t worry though, he’s really only just getting started; it gets much worse. Poor, poor LaFerrari. We would love to adopt this abused vehicle and give her a much more safe, loving home.

2 – Speeding

2 - speeding in nieghborhood

While it may be difficult to tell from this screen capture, the blur you’re seeing is from the camera trying to focus on the LaFerrari as it blasts through this neighborhood and even manages to set off a few car alarms.

We couldn’t tell you exactly how fast he’s going in this shot, but we can tell you there is zero chance he’d be able to slow down if a kid on a bicycle popped out from between these parked cars. At this point, this driver has gone from stupid to dangerous. It’s one thing to abuse your hypercar, it’s another thing altogether to take it through a residential neighborhood at racetrack speeds.

3 – Blows the Stop Sign

3 - blowing stop sign

Next up on the list of broken and disregarded laws is this four way stop. Both the LaFerrari and Porsche driver barely slow down or acknowledge the other drivers at this intersection. We’ve all heard of the California roll through at stop signs, but this is just ridiculous.

At this point we were really hoping that a seriously pissed off soccer mom was going to pop out and teach these two a lesson. At least in today’s world, you can always rely on someone to film these shenanigans on a smartphone. Luckily no accident happens at this intersection, but it’s certainly no thanks to this clown. Way to go pal, as if Ferrari drivers didn’t get a bad enough rep for being flashy.

4 – Back to the Driveway

4 - back in the driveway

After whipping around the neighborhood, pissing off the neighbors and making a whole bunch of noise, the LaFerrari is about ready to break down. You can see smoke coming from the engine and while it’s hard not to feel bad for the car, we have no sympathy for the owner. Abusing a car of this caliber is a crime against humanity and we can’t imagine this owner is particularly nimble changing gears.

After a series of attempted burnouts and generally reckless driving, this abused beauty of an automobile has had enough. By the number of people gathered around at this point, the driver has created quite a ruckus by this time.

5 – The Cops Show up

5 - cops

Finally, the cops show up. Between setting off car alarms, risking peoples’ lives and generally endangering anyone else on the road, some concerned citizen took it upon themselves to call the authorities—and rightly so. We love to drive fast as much as the next car enthusiasts, but this is simply not the way to drive your hypercar.

The videos seem to show the cops a bit puzzled and subsequent news reports have indicated that no charges were filed because the cops didn’t see it happen. It can also be heard in one of the videos that the driver has diplomatic immunity and won’t face any legal trouble for this incident.