Chris Brown’s 11 Unique Exotic Cars (Warning: Some Questionable Choices)

At the ripe old age of 26, Chris Brown has seen his share of triumphs, trials and tribulations. After being discovered at the young age of 13 by Hitmission records, he would later sign with Jive Records in 2004. His best known tracks have included, “Run It,” “Kiss-Kiss,” and “Say Goodbye,” all of which were pop smash hits.

Unfortunately, his most memorable hit to date involved a domestic violence incident with then-girlfriend and fellow pop-star Rihanna. Although his initial “not guilty” plea was reversed, the star exchanged his admission of guilt for five years of probation and counseling and community service. He has taken steps to revamp his image, but the incident stuck in the minds of fans.

Since then, Brown has been somewhat known as a bad boy, as many people have found it hard to forget the incident given Rihanna’s fame. Another violent incident with artist Drake took place in 2012, adding to the stigma surrounding Brown’s career. Despite his ups and downs, Chris Brown has amassed enough success to put together a highly impressive car collection.

As you’ll see from his collection, Brown sort of has a thing for scandal, even when it comes to the outrageous paintjobs on his vehicles. From Hot Wheels to Tupac lyrics to graffiti, his taste is certainly unique.

We’ll also give you a peak at his most recent acquisition, the infamous Rezvani Beast—we can only hope he doesn’t give it one of his custom paintjobs. You won’t believe what he’s done to some of his other cars.

Lets Explore Mr.Brown’s 11 Wildest Imaginations Come True: