Alarming Dashcam Footage of Driver Passing Out on Freeway W/ His Mustang

Dashcam passout mustangOn April 2, 2015, twenty-six year old Paul Yearley was out on a drive on the highway, but what would have been a plain old boring day turned out to be one of the scariest for Paul. That day, Paul passed out on his car, and it was all caught on camera.

However, you would think that the car crash was his fault, as he probably had slept at the wheel and reared off the road..

In Paul’s case, it was much worse. He did not doze off while driving his Ford Mustang; instead, he fainted. The cause of his untimely fainting at the wheel was caused by an undiagnosed illness that he refuses to go into much detail about, revealing only that it was due to low blood pressure.

He fainted and reared off the road. So what is the big deal, you ask.

State Farm, his insurance company straight out refused to pay for any of his car repair and maintenance expenses, and even removed his safe driver discount.

Now, Paul maintains that he has not gotten into a car crash in eight years. Hence, revoking his safe driver discount is unjust. True, Paul’s Ford Mustang was not fully insured, as he had yet to complete the vehicle’s title paperwork. According to State Farm’s insurance policy, a vehicle will get uninsured vehicle protection coverage for fourteen days.

Did this apply to Paul?

In their defense, State Farm refused to provide vehicle coverage to him because he was hours past the deadline. The company did not stop there; they raised his car’s insurance rates.

What did Paul do?

He waited for matters to settle down, and then published the video of the car crash recorded by his dash cam on YouTube for thirteen subscribers to witness.

Within days of publishing the video, the number of subscribers rose from thirteen to eighty-one, and the number is expected to rise more in the coming days, as more people get aware of his side of the story. Already, the video has received more than 30,000 hits. In his video, he suddenly slumps down in the driver’s seat of his Ford Mustang as it rears off the road, goes through the Fence, and into a field.

Even though he is thankful for not sustaining a life threatening injury, as the car did not hit any other cars, he is upset over the damage caused to his brand new Ford Mustang and the refusal of the insurance company to pay for the damages. As he states on his YouTube channel, he did not publish or sold the rights to the video for fame or glory, but wanted people to know about the injustice committed by the insurance company.

In the end, he is lucky to be alive, but the stress of repaying his medical expenses and maintenance for his car is his only concern now. Moreover, through the video, he hopes to send a message to other drivers that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. More importantly, do not fall asleep on the wheel. Paul was extremely lucky, but you might not be.

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