The 7 Most Stolen Cars in America

Contrary to what you might believe, car thieves in America do not normally set their sights on expensive luxury vehicles, but rather seek out practical, high-production models that the average citizen would own. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, family cars are more frequently stolen than luxury vehicles. While a Lamborghini or a Ferrari would certainly be considered a fine score for the average car thief, the fact is that upscale foreign models carry a higher risk, are harder to steal and are just much more rare to find on the road. This is why the majority of the list of most stolen cars in America on this list is composed of mid-sized sedans and domestic trucks and minivans.

Top-selling older cars are stolen more than new models as they are easily taken apart at chop shops, with their individual parts being sold off as replacement units. Because of the popularity of most of the models on this list, their components do not change much year to year, ensuring that their parts will be in demand for resale to undiscerning used car dealerships. Let’s see if your car made the list!

The early 2000’s was a heavy time for car theft, with movies like Gone in 60 Seconds and The Fast and the Furious making waves in the entertainment world. Although stolen were reported every 46 seconds in 2014, according to the FBI, car theft rates were down 1.5% from 2013. Safety features such as computer chip coded keys and engine immobilizers are rendering it nearly impossible for car thieves to capture their prize, and law enforcement are making car theft increasingly difficult to get away with. As you can see, the average citizen owning an average car is more at risk of car theft than owners of expensive luxury import vehicles.

To avoid having your car stolen, exercise practical thinking. Never leave a spare key in your vehicle, do not leave your car unlocked, park in well-lit areas and never leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle. And, always report your car theft right away. No more stolen cars!

You’re probably driving one of these most stolen cars right now!

The most stolen cars are easy targets for thieves.


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