15 Things Only the Selected Few Know About Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a brand name you automatically know whenever you hear it. You think luxury. You think innovation. You think style. You might also think James Bond. Over the decades, Aston Martin has had quite the history and their future is still unfolding. With their renowned past, they just may not mind if history were to repeat itself.

From being awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment by the Prince of Wales to being air lifted onto the third tallest hotel in the world, there are hundreds of facts about Aston Martin that you might not know. That is why we came up with the 15 most interesting facts about Aston Martin.

Here are some of the sneak previews of our almighty luxury motor brand.

Because of its innovative engineering at the time, Aston Martin saw the Atom as its future and patented it. Unlike any other Aston Martin, there is a bonnet release. The Atom also is a four-door four-seater, which is very rare for this time period because there were limitations on materials.

Numbers don’t lie when its comes to miles, car insurance costs, and car production numbers..

The most noteworthy aspect of the greatest exotic car company of our time is the insane stats. It is mentioned that about 90% of the 65,000 vehicles the company has produced are still be driven around today. Now those are some very impressive statistics! It’s no wonder how Aston Martin positioned themselves as global luxury car manufacturers. Imagine the the car insurance rates on a respectable machines like these.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Aston Martin (No its not its expensive car insurance:)

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