15 Most Ridiculous Automobile Traffic Laws

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Some driving enthusiasts have a difficult time following the rules of the road. And if you’re a commuter, you may have noticed there are plenty of bad drivers out there. Some states have had to take some strange and drastic measures to keep drivers in line. Today, we present the 15 Most Ridiculous Traffic Laws in America. From the hilarious to the downright strange, this list has it all.

Have you ever thought about taking a leisurely drive through a playground? How about hopping out of your friend’s car at 65 mph? Maybe not, but some other laws might surprise you. Let’s keep you out of jail, on the road and well informed on America’s strangest traffic laws no matter what state you find yourself cruising through. We can’t have you driving down the wrong street in Alabama without a lantern, or spooking the horses in Mississippi. Ready to get moving? Check out the next slide.
13 - Ohio

1. Alabama

Now while it might seem like some people are always driving blindfolded, apparently this was an actual problem in Alabama. For some combination of reason. They made it an official law that it is illegal to drive while blindfolded. Did someone actually try this one? We can’t help but be reminded of the scene from Talladega Nights when Will Ferrell crashes his car into about 8 different things with a blind fold on. If it didn’t work for Ricky Bobby, it’s not going to work for you. As it turns out this is not the best way to “get a feel” for the car, no matter what your estranged stock car racer dad tells you.

1 - Alabama

2. New Jersey
In the state of New Jersey, if you get caught driving under the influence, in addition to the usual harsh penalties, you’ll have to give up that fancy vanity plate. Sorry Snooki! If you’re in New Jersey and want to keep your “2 Fast 4 U” plate, you’d better obey the rules of the road in New Jersey and get yourself a designated driver. Then again, if you’ve been out causing trouble and getting caught, maybe it’s time to retire that plate, quit taunting the police and start following the rules of the road. Just a little friendly suggestion to keep you on the road and out of jail.

2 - New Jersey

3. Glendale, California

In case you were considering stunt jumping out of a car at 65 miles per hour, you’d better not pull those shenanigans in Glendale, California. Unfortunately for any particularly dumb daredevils trying to make a high-speed exit on foot, even if you survive the fall at 65mph, you’re going to jail. We’re really curious about the person or people who drove lawmakers to action in drafting this one into Glendale’s rules of the road. Road rash with a side of jail time? No thanks. Stay in the car.

3 - California

4. Sag Harbor, New York

Ever yelled at someone honking in traffic to keep their pants on? Well in Sag Harbor, New York they decided to make it a law. Did you know it’s illegal to change clothes in your car in Sag Harbor? This is a tough one. We’ve all been there. Need a costume change between engagements and your car is the only dressing room you’ve got available. In all reality, what good are tinted windows if you can’t take your pants off when you need to? Tough break for New Yorkers in a hurry to get changed without stopping off at home—not to mention anyone with, ahem, other motives for taking their pants off in the car.

4 - New York

5. Dublin, Georgia

Sounds like someone in Georgia has been going a little too heavy on the Grand Theft Auto. While it is clearly never a good idea to drive your vehicle through a playground, apparently in Dublin, Georgia they decided it was necessary to draft this one into law. You’d almost think it could go without saying that no one should ever drive a car on a playground, but hey at least they’re keeping the kids safe down in Georgia, right? Remember guys, cars stay on the road; kids stay on the playground. Don’t expect any leniency from the judge if you go breaking this one. You’re on your own there.

5 - Georgia

6. Illinois

This one is a bit nasty, but hey laws are laws. Apparently Illinois has some very particular laws about who can legally claim possession of road-kill deer. Concrete-cured venison must be a delicacy out in the Illinois countryside with such strict restrictions on who can claim the highway leftovers. Only residents who are paid up and current on their child support, and who have not had their wildlife privileges revoked or suspended anywhere in the U.S., are allowed to lawfully claim possession of road kill via the Dept. of Natural Resources. It almost makes you wonder if there’s a connection between eating road kill and forgetting to pay child support.

6 - Illinois

7. Oxford, Mississippi
Keep in mind, if you own horses, this one won’t sound too ridiculous. These days city-folks might not pass many horses or drawn buggies on their way to work. However, if you’re driving through Oxford, Mississippi, you’re going to want to make sure to respect the four-wheeled and four-legged vehicle regulations. We’re guessing that in Oxford, they don’t take too kindly to people spooking their horses. So, watch the road and don’t honk your horn near horses in Oxford, Mississippi, or you might end up in jail. Chances are, if someone has to tell you that you shouldn’t terrify animals on purpose, you might even deserve it a little.

7 - Mississippi

8. Nevada

Where do we start with this one? In a state that houses Las Vegas, a city where anything goes, it is illegal to ride a camel on the highway in Nevada. Guess they really just don’t know how to have fun anymore. Are enough camels being ridden in the Nevada desert to merit highway regulations? Apparently. When people start riding livestock to the casino, that’s when you know gas prices have gotten bad or the gambling has. Either way, you’d better not ride your camel on the highway in Nevada, or you’ll be spending hump day in jail.

8 - Nevada

9. Oklahoma

No matter how many laws are in place, the world has no short supply of phone checkers behind the wheel. As if that’s not bad enough, definitely watch out for anyone reading a comic book while driving. Thankfully, the forward thinking folks of Oklahoma have gone ahead and made it illegal to read a comic book while driving in the Sooner state, thus safely protecting the rest of us from these menaces to society. We joke, but in all seriousness if you read comic books while driving, you should stop immediately, what is wrong with you?

9 - Oklahoma

10. Alaska

In Alaska, it is illegal to tether a dog to the roof of your car. Actually, on second thought this one isn’t ridiculous at all, it makes total sense that it should be illegal to tether your dog to the roof of your car—that should never happen! Tethering your dog to the roof is ridiculous, especially in the often-freezing cold state Alaska. Hopefully even on the early side of the 21st century, we’ve figured out as a group that it’s a bad idea to tether animals or people to our cars. Just in case that doesn’t click for everyone, Alaska law has our furry friends covered. Your family pet is not a hood ornament, especially not in Alaska.

10 - Alaska

11. Alabama
This might be the strangest entry on our list today. Bear with us. If you find yourself driving a car in Alabama, and you go the wrong way down a one-way street, we’ve got a tip for you. There’s only way to avoid being considered a lawbreaker in this situation. Your vehicle must have a lantern attached to the front and you’re good to go. This is, of course, for no reason whatsoever that we can come up with, but now you know, and knowing is half the battle for avoiding tickets in Alabama for one-way violations by keeping a lantern on your hood. Can anyone confirm if this is still a thing? We’d love to know.

11 - Alabama

12. Sarasota, Florida

Have retirees in Florida been running each other down vehicular manslaughter style? Well, good news if they’re in Sarasota! Taking out a pedestrian in Sarasota, Florida will cost you just a measly $78 fine. It’s not so steep really, just in case your vision is on the way out but you’re just not quite ready to give up driving. It sounds to us like Sarasota makes an economical choice for reckless drivers to retire! We imagine there is some sort of small surcharge in the event of fatal accidents, which is only fair, really. In any event, try not to run anyone over, but if you do, remember to do it in Sarasota for less!

Bicycle and pedestrian road sign

13. Youngstown, Ohio

In one particularly congested district in Youngstown Ohio, you are legally not allowed to run out of gas. Who hasn’t thought of this one before when you’re stuck in some ungodly traffic jam because someone ran out of gas in the worst possible situation? Maybe jail is a little harsh for these offenders, but we can understand putting some penalties in place to motivate drivers to remember to refuel before heading off for their morning commute. Don’t put everyone else’s day at risk just because you’re running late and think you can make it to work on fumes, especially not if you’re in Youngstown, Ohio.

13 - Ohio

14. New Britain, Connecticut

This one is a doozey. If your house in New Britain, Connecticut catches on fire, you’d better hope you live close to the fire department. Apparently this town has a law in place that says fire trucks are not allowed to drive faster than 25 mph, even when responding to an emergency call. That’s a pretty serious restriction on response time for the town’s firemen. We’re not sure we agree with this one and think it might make more sense to spend some extra time training fire engine drivers rather than restricting their speed just in case there’s a fire or something. But hey, who asked us anyway? Let’s hope everyone is extra safewith this one in mind.

14 - Connecticut

15. Derby, Kansas

This gem of a driving law from, of all places, Derby, Kansas, can leave you jailed for up to 30 days. You’d think with a name like Derby, the local law enforcement might even be sympathetic to racing tendencies. Guess again. In this Kansas town, you can be jailed for 30 days for screeching your tires. The penalty is way too harsh, but we have to agree that screeching your tires and burning out is pretty annoying in public. There’s a time and place for that kind of thing and startling old ladies in Derby, Kansas with your drag racing delinquent ways just isn’t it, unless of course you want to end up in the slammer for a month.

15 - Kansas

There you have it, the 15 Most Ridiculous Traffic Laws in the USA. From funny to strange, these states certainly have some very specific regulations when it comes to the rules of the road. When it comes to driving, safety is always key, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun listing these off. After all, some of the things people do to create a need for these laws are pretty ridiculous.

Luckily, now you’ll know never to head down a one-way street in Alabama going the wrong way without a lantern. You can thank us later for that one. Or how about having to pay your child support in order to claim some fresh road-kill deer—everyone wins on that deal! We’re still a little upset that we’re not allowed to take our pants off in the car in New York, but at least now we all have a better chance of staying out of trouble in the states covered today. Buckle up and drive safe out there, oh and leave the comic book at home.