13 Perfect Christmas Gifts for a Luxury Car Enthusiasts (Exclusive)

We are once again coming up on that time of year consumed by frantic shopping trips and endless online searches for the perfect holiday gift. Luckily for you, the person you are shopping for happens to have a very well defined (and well marketed) passion for luxury vehicles. This love of all things automotive gives you the perfect opportunity to outfit your friend, relative or significant other in top of the line roadster-inspired goods.

Assuming you are not buying them a Mercedes GT S or Ferrari GTB this holiday season (unless you are particularly giving and they are especially lucky), look no further than this list of exotic car related gift ideas. Whether the person on your shopping list has a love of extra-vehicular sports, luxury apparel or ticket-free driving, you are sure to find the perfect car-related gift for the coming holiday season.

This holiday season, avoid the practical, techie stuff (no one wants a wrench in their stocking) and pamper the automobile enthusiast in your life with luxury car-related goods and apparel. Whether they have extra interests that can combine with their love of cars to make the perfect gift, or if they simply love anything designed by Porsche, let their passion for all things elegant and automotive fuel your search.


1. Ferrari 400 GTI Sunglasses

Is the car lover in your life looking for some extra eye protection when turning corners at electrifying speeds? If so, then look no further than these show-stopping shades.

Modeled after a late seventies Ferrari model, these sunglasses feature grey nylon ZEISS lenses, emblazoned on the side with the brand’s signature Cavallino Rampante logo, and a polished palladium metal frame. The frame is covered in luxe fret-worked leather reminiscent of Ferrari’s sportif interiors. Functional and stylish, these shades will set you back $440.00 and come with the promise of sun-protected street cruising.



2. Covercraft Form-Fit Car Cover
This gift is perfect for that person who treats their car just like a newborn baby. Custom-designed for cars that are not on the road on a daily basis, Covercraft’s Form-Fit car covers provide a flannel-soft interior that is kind to chrome and fine paint finishes.

The body hugging design ensures an impeccable fit, featuring a Lycra/Spandex blend that will not stretch or sag over time. Its highly breathable construction prevents moisture and heat damage, and the fabric’s signature weave protects against minor surface damages. The added luxury of a custom-fit design guarantees this to be a memorable gift for any car enthusiast. Prices vary by model and make of vehicle.


3. DV8 Sports Golf Club Starter Set
Do you know someone who is equally proud of their Lambo as they are of their golf score average? This unique golf set condenses the classic golf bag—long considered a cumbersome object to both play the course and travel with—into a sleek and convenient backpack size.

A unique feature of the DV8 Sports golf clubs is that you essentially break down your clubs and switch out the heads, a process that the company claims takes only about three to five seconds. Two couplers plus an arrangement of club heads allows you to fit the same amount of golf clubs into this reduced-size carrier as you would in a conventional bag. The sleek and compact size of the bag fits in the smallest of trunk spaces, perfect for that Lambo owner. A starter set, complete with four golf club heads, graphite shaft and backpack bag, costs $499.95, and can be conveniently supplanted with extras as the player’s skill and interest levels grow.

4. Fratelli Orsini Handsewn Deerskin Driving Gloves
Handmade by designer artisans in Italy, these driving gloves utilize North American deerskin for the softest, most luxurious and long-lasting product. This gift is ideal for someone who lives in colder climates, yet dually provides extra hand-to-wheel traction for any driver.

Available in black, dark brown, saddle and tan colors, you can match the gloves to the car enthusiast in your life’s interior for a pleasingly flawless combination. Classic details such as vent and knuckle holes and snap closure on the back will make any speed freak channel their inner Steve McQueen. At $125.95, they are a luxurious addition to any car lover’s collection.

5. Tonino Lamborghini 4 Screws Watch
Know someone who wishes they could take their sports car with them everywhere they went? Now they can with the Tonino Lamborghini 4 Screws Watch. Inspired by the legacy of the Lamborghini family heritage, this watch is designed to reflect the look of the vehicle’s dials, reflecting the brand’s passion for speed and mechanics.

This particular model features four iconic bezel screws, reflective of the ones used to close the cylinder heads of the car’s engines. The watch additionally features Swiss made chronograph movement, a dial background that evokes a motor-racing start/finish flag and pushers that echo aluminum sports car pedals. Coming in at $1,700.00, you can be sure that the car lover in your life will not be disappointed with this iconic yet modern wristwatch.

6. Escort Passport Max 2 Radar Detector
This gift is ideal for that person in your life who loves to drive fast—and who loves to get away with it too. Coming with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and a real-time ticket prevention network, this radar detector is the highest standard for drivers who want to safely enjoy the incredible speeds their car is capable of producing.

The Escort Passport Max 2 is designed to detect traffic cops, potential speed traps, red-light cameras, speed cameras and emergency vehicles; it also notifies you when you exceed the speed limit, helping you to drive alert and worry-free. With the longest range and most accurate detection available on the market and costing $599.95, this gift is an investment into your loved one’s safety and overall enjoyment levels.

7. Porsche Carfit Trolley Case
The Carfit luggage collection from Porsche displays the perfect range of gifts for the car-enthusiast who travels often for work or who loves a weekend getaway in their Roadster. The whole range of luggage is designed to fit perfectly into the tight trunk spaces of popular sports car models, lending a tailor-made feel to each piece. High-quality, hardwearing and resilient, Porsche promises years of reliance and dependability for their luggage line.

With its classic design and clean lines, the trolley case in particular is a highly convenient choice, with a stable stainless steel telescopic handle and multiple organizing pockets. Setting you back $725.00, rest assured that the car enthusiast in your life can travel in style and keep their passion for automobiles close at hand, whether they are on the road or in the sky.

8. Mercedes Rotwild GT S Mountain Bike
Devotees of the German car manufacturer will fall in love with this bike designed and named after the Mercedes-AMG GT S. Having joined into a partnership with the AMG Rotwild mountain bike racing team in 2013, Mercedes is now trying their hand with bicycle design, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Constructed mainly from carbon fiber, the Rotwild GT S Mountain Bike is built for the toughest of off-road conditions and combines the best of raving technology on two wheels. Its unique design combined with a sophisticated suspension technology marks this model as the ultimate in luxury sport bikes.

Not intended as a road bike but rather designed for dedicated mountain bike enthusiasts, the Rotwild GT S comes with a transport bag, damper setup pump and tools for repair. As only 100 of these bikes are projected to be made this year, and with a $10,900.00 price tag, you can rest assured that there are a very few number of gifts that will top this bike when it comes to considering overall extravagance and luxury.

9. Tesla Bethesda Ipad Sleeve
This gift is perfect for the eco-and-tech-conscious car lover in your life. This elegant yet functional Ipad sleeve, handcrafted from the same automotive-grade leather used in the company’s Model S seats, will impress fans of Tesla’s premium electric vehicles. With color options such as black, tan or gray, you can match the color of the sleeve to the interior of your loved-one’s vehicle.

Named after a Tesla Supercharger location in Maryland, the Bethesda is impeccably tailored with a robust and durable feel. Costing only $100.00, the Tesla Bethesda Ipad Sleeve is the ideal gift for any Tesla owner or fan of the brand’s zero-emissions philosophy.

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10. Belstaff The Roadmaster Jacket
Founded in 1924 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, Belstaff apparel has long been considered the brand of adventure clothing, dressing historical figures such as Che Guevara and Amelia Earhart. As a British heritage brand focused on producing luxury sportswear, Belstaff offers only the highest quality jackets constructed from water resistant wax cotton, perfect for any thrill-seeking car enthusiast.
The Roadmaster Jacket, first introduced in 1981, is one of the most iconic of the brand’s line of jackets. A modernized version of Belstaff’s legendary Trialmaster jacket, the Roadmaster features clean lines, a more tailored fit and an innovatively weatherproof and breathable shell. With six classic colors to choose from and a $950.00 price tag, this jacket will make any car lover feel like a revolutionary on the road.

11. Carbon Trim Solutions Real Carbon Fiber Money Clip
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the luxury car aficionado in your life? Look no further than this Carbon Fiber Money clip, individually hand-constructed from aerospace-grade carbon fibers, the same material used in exotic automobiles. Each piece is sanded, polished and inspected with ultimate care and precision, ensuring the highest quality strength and finish.
Incredibly sleek and lightweight, this money clip perfectly accents any exotic car and is a great replacement or addition to a normal wallet. Costing only $49.00, you can slip it into your loved one’s stocking and watch the expression of delight come across their face when they reach inside and pull out this Real Carbon Fiber Money Clip.

12. The Montblanc e-Tag Key Fob
For the guy who loves luxury and technology but is also an exotic car enthusiast, there is nothing quite like this cool new gadget from Montblanc. The Montblanc e-Tag key fob delivers on all the timeless design you would expect from a fine leather Montblanc product with sync technology to your smart phone.

If you just attach this key fob to your car or keys, it will connect with your personal device anywhere. You can track your four-wheeled baby anywhere on the world with this cool gadget. It also provides a range and motion alarm for the best security your phone can offer. Go ahead and splurge on this one and the driver in your life will be playing with their luxury tech daily. For only $240.00, the car lover in your life will be the envy of all their friends all over again.

13. Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes
Know someone who appreciates the finer things in life, such as keeping their feet comfortable as well as in ultimate style and luxury? Originally conceived of in the 1960s, Tod’s Driving Shoes are legendary for their comfortable yet effortlessly elegant style, reminiscent of the glory days of Italian automobiles.

Initially designed as a high-end luxury item, driving shoes can now be worn everywhere, from bars to offices to lawn parties. Their soft yet tailored style makes them a highly flexible shoe, and the Tod’s monogram and iconic pebble rubber outsole tells a rich history of automotive excellence and accompanying lifestyle designs. At $525.00, Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes will keep the car enthusiast in your life well dressed both behind the wheel and when they are out on the town.